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Why is it that men are reluctant to admit when they have a self-esteem issue? (pick all that apply)

6% 6% [ 1 ]
35% 35% [ 6 ]
6% 6% [ 1 ]
24% 24% [ 4 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
12% 12% [ 2 ]
18% 18% [ 3 ]

Total Votes : 17

Why is this the only forum of it's kind?

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Why is this the only forum of it's kind?

Post by UnknownBlue on Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:10 pm

I am glad I finally found this a forum to talk about self-esteem & body image; a first of it's kind, I believe, or so I have found after searching for a frustratingly long amount of time.

I think I know what your thinking; "This is the first forum which is purely for men's self-esteem", but I didn't join this forum just because it is for men, I found that from what I have seen, there are [b]NO[/b] body-image/self-esteem forums to go and talk about problems. Well, that sounds wrong, doesn't it? There [i]are[/i] actually quite a few forums to talk about it, but, only if you are a woman. It was very frustrating to see the amount of women [b]only[/b] forums out there for this subject, I couldn't even find any general forums for anything like this, they where all purely for women.

I do realise that statistically women still suffer from body image more frequently than men, I am told, but, this still doesn't mean that no men at all suffer from low self-esteem and bad body image, and what's more, if that is the case, then, what is the point in having so many women only forums? Surely they should be at least some which are open to all. If anything, I does make you feel worse about the whole subject, but, I think I have complained enough.

And, don't get me wrong, I am glad to be here, and that I have found this site! cat


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Re: Why is this the only forum of it's kind?

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:09 am

Self-esteem Welcome UnknownBlue. You are correct. I even used to own a website just for women's self-esteem. My ex-wife now owns that site. Well, there really is a reason that it's for women only. They don't feel comfortable talking to men about their personal problems. It's just easier for them to open up to other women. When men and women are involved in personal conversations of this type, it usually turns the subject around to something other than what was first intended.

You are also correct that this is the only place for men to talk about self-esteem and body-image issues. Oh, by the way, this place is open to men and women. You probably won't see many women here though, unless they are looking for ways to help a man that they know. I have not seen another site like this anywhere, so I am proud to be the first to make it a reality. The website, [url=http://www.mensselfesteem.com]http://www.mensselfesteem.com[/url] is full of great info, so please have a look around. Yes, men have many of the same issues as women when it comes to self-esteem. Most people don't realize that fact. For the most part, men don't like to show any sign of weakness, much less admit it to the world by putting in on the internet. What they don't realize though is that there are just as many men with low self-esteem issues as women. As far as body-image issues in particular, more women tend to feel bad about their body-image than men. It seems to be directly related to society for the most part.

Over the last few years, more of men's health issues are being directly correlated with being over-weight, than with women. Hmmm Maybe the tide is turning here a bit. I see more and more men starting to worry about their weight and body-image than ever before. Many of the men you see on television now have a six pack of rock hard abs. Even the commercials now are comparing big men to smaller men to sell their products. Men are now starting to feel the same societal pressures that women have felt for years over body-image.

[b]Anyways, welcome, and I'm glad you found it! Now let's spread the word![/b]

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Re: Why is this the only forum of it's kind?

Post by FaceOff on Mon May 18, 2009 10:15 pm

There are some others out there but they aren't "specifically' directed to Self-esteem


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Re: Why is this the only forum of it's kind?

Post by Sponsored content

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